Brainhack Zagreb 2018

Zagreb, Croatia

5-6 May 2018

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Artwork by Vedran Sekara


Show your research to other researchers.

Gain Skills

Learn how to apply the latest computational tools to your data.

Get Involved

Find exciting projects that you would like to contribute to.

Be Social

Meet researchers from a variety of backgrounds.

NEW: Travel support available!

We are able to provide free accomodation for up to four participants coming from outside Zagreb. To apply and for more details, write us at

Register for the Brainhack Zagreb 2018!

Brainhack Zagreb 2018 is a part of the Global Brainhack 2018, with simultaneous hackathons in over 40 sites across the globe. The goal of the hackathon is to bring together researchers with diverse backgrounds to collaborate on open science projects in neuroscience.

Dates: 5-6 May 2018

Brainhack global: 2-6 May

Costs: 20€ EUR, includes onsite breakfast and lunch.

Early registration (13€) available until April 15th!

Location: Five, Heinzelova ul. 33, Zagreb, Croatia.

Submit projects

Participants are encouraged to post project ideas in advance of the hackathon.

Propose a new project idea on the Brainhack Zagreb 2018 projects Wiki page. All it takes to contribute to the list is a github account!

Please join the Brainhack Slack project and announce your project on the #brainhack-zg-2018 and #general channels. We suggest you create a dedicated channel for your project, as well as a hackpad with a project summary, roadmap and contributors.

Participants are further encouraged to post project ideas to, as following the hackathon, they will be able to submit a report describing their project to the Brainhack Proceedings that will be published in 2018 by Research Ideas and Outcomes.

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